energy healing

Harmonize body, mind and spirit by aligning the energy within your body through reiki (pronounced “ray” “key”), universal life force energy.

Ki (Japanese) or Chi (Chinese) is the energy that flows through us and with reiki, the practitioner is a conduit of this energy which promotes relaxation, healing, and a balancing of the energy within you.

This energy work assists the physical, the spiritual bodies and your emotional and mental state.

Treatment can be a combination of hands-on and hands-over the body.

Energy is specifically focused on the 7 main chakras in the body

Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency, and resonates with a colour, sound, scent, element, gemstone.

  • Root: stability, foundation, survival
  • Sacral: creativity, sexuality, procreation
  • Solar Plexus: self esteem, personal power, emotions
  • Heart: unconditional love, compassion, peace
  • Throat: self expression, speaking your truth, inspiration
  • Third Eye: intuition, insight, imagination
  • Crown: connection with universal consciousness, understanding, enlightened wisdom

reiki treatment:

Sessions are 1 hour in length, laying comfortably on a cozy warmed massage table in a private treatment room at Redtree Synergy. Universal life force energy will be directed to specific areas of need to create balance, calm, relaxation and healing for your entire being. Jen has obtained her master level in Reiki.

1 hour reiki session ……………………………….. $60