traumatic incident reduction (TIR)


Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) is a key component of Applied Metapsychology as developed by Frank A. Gerbode; a specific integrative learning technique between a client (called the viewer) and a TIR practitioner (called the facilitator). It is used to address a variety of issues that have caused an emotional ‘charge’ for the client (could involve, but not limited to, an unfulfilled intention, PTSD, trauma, major losses, accidents, injuries, distress and other painful life experiences). The practitioner refrains from interpretation and/or judgement which enables the client to reach his or her own conclusions/resolutions/end point.

Past traumas retain their emotional charge and continue their adverse effect because they have never been fully examined. Like physical pain, emotional pain actually serves a useful purpose: it tells us that there is something that we need to pay attention to and do something about. TIR is simply a method of enabling people to examine such traumas systematically and completely. When the viewer has thoroughly completed an examination of past traumas, incidents examined no longer have the power to cause pain and suffering.



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